Liam Blake

Liam BlakeLiam has been writing songs in the pop-folk tradition since he was 17. At the core of his album You And Other Stories is a deep sense of romance, not through sentiment but as articulate, intelligent, bitter-sweet story-telling. He is a skilled songwriter with real sophistication and these are proper pop songs, laden with hooks and refrains that make them compelling and timeless. His narrative is the landscape of the troubadour – heartbreaking, idealistic, lush – a journey through life for everyman.

Liam has always been drawn to the West Coast singer-song writers of the 70s. If he’d been born earlier he would probably be hanging out in Lauryl Canyon with Crosby Stills Nash and Joni Mitchell. His other musical influences are an immense sweep – from Gershwin to Goldfrapp.

He is a young dreamer and an awesome natural talent with a voice, described by BBC broadcaster Phil Jupitus as “achingly lovely”, that melts every part of you.

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