One Sixth Of Tommy

Three girls and three guitars falls way short of describing One Sixth of Tommy’s effortlessly beautiful songs. Writing together for the first time at a school weekend music workshop, they came up with one that was so dazzlingly good their visiting tutors whisked it straight off to the Helium Records label. And so One Sixth of Tommy was born.
Since then they’ve been growing up together musically, writing and accumulating a body of prodigiously brilliant songs and building their own distinctive sound. With the guidance of Chris Hughes and Mark Frith they came up with a phenomenally fresh debut album packed with impeccable writing and endless heart-stringing melodies.
One Sixth of Tommy is Jordan Martin (vocals, guitar, piano, drums, synthesizer, percussion), Jorja Bates (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, percussion) and Joanna Grennan (vocals, guitar, piano, drums, synthesizer, percussion). In the finest tradition of our greatest bands, all three girls take lead vocals and write, citing amongst their many influences Fleetwood Mac, The Cranberries, Feist and Bon Iver.

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One Sixth of Tommy - For Always

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The album is set for release in August 2011. Take a listen:

For Always

The Pact



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