I can’t quite figure this disc out–it’s a group of transcendent takes on the music of the already transcendent Steve Reich; perhaps it’s an amazingly intelligent “tribute” album or an album of covers, but no–it’s much more than that. In a nutshell, it seems to be revised versions and acoustic “mixes” of Reich classics. However, it is not just merely versions, but rather sophisticated and gorgeous compositions in their own right. Of particular interest in “Slow Motion Blackbird,” using the birdsong and synthesizer (?) in such an odd and gorgeous way that the only way to describe it might be Ennio Morrionce meeting Aphex Twin in a field under the tutelage of Olivier Messiaen. Other cuts bring out Reich’s rythymic sense in a profound way; Part I of “Shift” almost sounds like Morrocan Trance percussion music. This disc really took me by surprise. It’s wonderful. – Kenny G



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