Crybaby Reviews

Subvulutre – 27th November 2012

Crybaby, AKA Danny Coughlan, cuts through the swarm of singer-songwriters out there with bags of originality and a sharp cutting sound that reminds me of first listening to Johnny Cash – not in style but in the way all of the elements just work, in a way that’s hard to define. He is influenced by […]

Drunken Werewolf Live Review – 10th October 2012

Danny Coughlan, the heart and song writing soul of Crybaby stands centre stage at the packed out Louisiana holding his guitar tight to his chest, preparing to play the last of a small tour promoting the band’s eponymous album, released this summer. What is plain to see is the poise and delicacy he brings to […]

More Than The Music – 30th September 2012

The title track on Crybaby’s We’re Supposed To Be In Love EP is busting with dreamy guitar riffs that sound as if they could have been lifted from any 1960′s track. Couple this with the multi layering of instruments you get a texture similar (but certainly not as epic) as a Phil Spector song. The […]

The Revue – 12th September 2012

***** The title track is easy to listen to, but very reminiscent of the sixties. A theme that carries on through the E.P. it makes us wistful for a time we were never actually lived in. It’s possible like the folk revival of the fifties, the sixties is being brought back into the limelight which […]