Drunken Werewolf Live Review – 10th October 2012

Danny Coughlan, the heart and song writing soul of Crybaby stands centre stage at the packed out Louisiana holding his guitar tight to his chest, preparing to play the last of a small tour promoting the band’s eponymous album, released this summer. What is plain to see is the poise and delicacy he brings to this set of songs he has created, and with one strum of his guitar the crowd are his. The clarity and quality of his voice is astounding, lulling us into submission.

The cool languid pace of the songs played tonight evoke an era synonymous with reverb-drenched production of Phil Spector during the early 60s, as well as smooth refrain of Roy Orbison. Tracks such as “Armies of Darkness” and “A Misery of Love” sound heartbreakingly authentic in their delivery. The minimal nature of the songs compounds intent on drawing the listener into the drama unfolding within the words. Our favourite song, “Veils” drips with the tragedy and remorse of life’s hard times.

The tempo rises for tracks such as the single, “I Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love That I Lost” and “We’re Supposed To Be In Love” causing the crowd to sway and flow to the minor chords. “When the Lights Go Out” displays how utterly catchy these songs can be. Soaring choruses and ecstatic moments are imprinted into the misery developing a complex but classic feel. We really enjoyed Coughlan’s dry humour between the songs even going as far as to announce his Mother’s presence as well as many warm familiar faces seeing as this is his home town.

The mastery he and his band display here tonight is testament to the level of influence that classic era has had on him. They cut a groove so distinctive and endearing that I defy anyone not to be impressed. The audience is truly spellbound and I am sure they as we all look forward to hearing more from this truly amazing songwriter. – Philip Allen



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