Crybaby Reviews

Room Thirteen – 14th September 2012

We’re supposed to be in love Is Crybaby’s new single, the third to be taken from their acclaimed debut album. The title track is easy to listen to, but very reminiscent of the sixties. A theme that carries on through the E.P. it makes us wistful for a time we were never actually lived in. […]

Manchester Salon – September 2012

I’m not quite sure what is going on at the moment, but there seems to be a definite 60s revival in the air. Now maybe I am a little bit more sensitive to this having, just hosted a 60s themed Murder Mystery Party (which was well ‘groovy’ by the way) with the fantastic music of […]

Rough – 24th August 2012

Meet Danny Coghlan, frontman of the instantly loveable ‘Crybaby’. As a young lad, Danny was enamoured with Adam and the Ants, so much so in-fact that he entered a competition to play the drums for the band. Unfortunately Danny didn’t win his hearts desire and ended up amongst the many devastated Ants fans, in tears […]

Get Ready To Rock – 24th August 2012

***1/2 The third single taken from Crybaby’s acclaimed debut album includes a new track Water To Wine, a cover of Daniel Johnston’s True Love Will Find You In The End, and a version of Gloomy Sunday, a song originally made famous by Billie Holiday in 1933. The collective makes this ep a ‘must have’ for […]