Crybaby Reviews

Wrong Mog – 16th August 2012

Daniel Johnston’s True Love Will Find You in the End is a devastatingly simple, two-minute declaration of hope that often sounds like it’s trying to convince itself that everything’s going to be OK. While the title makes a bold statement, the lyrics undermine it slightly: “this is a promise with a catch, only if you’re […]

Flush Magazine Interview – 31st July 2012

TEARS OF JOY An interview by Hannah Duncan I am a great believer in many things, 60 denier tights, crunchy peanut butter being superior to smooth, the feeling of warm sand between your toes and above all music. Music that instantly touches your soul, lets you stamp your own personal sentiments and experiences onto it, […]

Artrocker – 24th September 2012

Crybaby We’re Supposed To Be In Love EP (Helium Records) **** The modern fascination with ‘retro’ has become rather tiring of late. If it’s not a gauloises-smoking clotheshorse pretending to be Jackie O, it’s some idiot romping around East London with portable record player. We’re not going to lie: it’s made us considerably grumpy. With […]

For Folk’s Sake – 14th May 2012

Crybaby, real-name Danny Coughlan, seems very keen to be the new poster-boy for heartbroken storytelling. And with his self-titled debut, he may just achieve that status. This compact collection of poignant ballads will no doubt project Bristol-born Crybaby into the limelight. Musically, it travels back in time to the 1950s, and with this vintage sound, […]