Crybaby Reviews

Soundlab – 11th May 2012

9/10 Danny Coughlan is Crybaby, simple as that really. No frills or need to dress it up in any other way. Armed with his plaintive but soulful voice and his penchant for all things classic 50s/60s, he delivers his heart and soul on this his eponymous album. Coughlan raids the simplicity of Buddy Holly’s arrangements, […]

Sentireas Coltare – 9th april 2012

7.2/10 Casualità vuole che abbia infilato nel lettore il cd di Crybaby appena terminato di leggere il capitolo di Retromania dedicato all’infinito recupero dei 50s. Il fatto è che, concetrati come siamo stati su un revival degli 80s che non accenna a perdere di intensità, abbiamo trascurato la subdola e pervasiva carica di quell’immaginario naif […]

The Word – May 2012

Ex-builder Danny Coughlan takes his sobriquet from the Garnet Mimms hit. He claims to be attracted to the “adult” perspective of ‘60s love songs – the understanding that pain, though brutal, is temporary, and sometimes it’s throwaway tunes that best capture the heartache. There is much of Roy Orbison and Richard Hawley here, but he’s […]

The Observer – 16th April 2012

Although there’s been a shortage of songs tackling the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the debut album from Danny Coughlan, alias Crybaby, contains a cracker. “Veils” is a elegy for the entire sorry escapade, evoking not just sympathy for the individual soldier but something of the sweep of history when talking of banging the drum, […]