The Revue – 12th September 2012


The title track is easy to listen to, but very reminiscent of the sixties. A theme that carries on through the E.P. it makes us wistful for a time we were never actually lived in. It’s possible like the folk revival of the fifties, the sixties is being brought back into the limelight which is more than fine by us, but don’t be fooled into thinking we’re not supposed to be in love is a carbon copy of the sixties, better production & better balancing of the vocals and minimalist backing instruments alongside Danny Coughlans powerful but smooth voice create a feeling of familiarity with a more distinct, modern edge.
The second track ‘Water To Wine’ is a healthy mix of nights in white satin and Richard Hawley although only three minutes it’s an easy to listen to soothing track, although as it progresses it becomes steadily more discordant and dark. If you aren’t careful it’ll catch you off guard and while you think everything’s fine, it’ll sneak up behind you and stab you right in the ears(in the best possible way?).

Tracks three and four are covers of Daniel Johnston & Billy Holiday, surprisingly ‘True love will find you in the end’ & ‘Gloomy Sunday’ shape up to be better than the originals. Danny Coughlan’s voice gives them a more relaxing & laid back ton. We imagine that the superior production quality also helped, but it can’t be helped to think that they’d be even better to listen to live.

Cry Baby’s ‘We’re Supposed To Be In Love’ EP is released 24 September and they are beginning their first headline tour on 15th September when they play at Edinburgh Electric Circus. Danny will be joined by Mark Frith (who co-produced ‘Crybaby’ alongside Chris Hughes aka Merrick from Adam and the Ants) on guitar, Charlie Jones on Bass, Stacey Haldane on drums and Nina Coughlan on percussion. – Thomas Reynolds



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