Born Music Online – 10th March 2012

4.5/5 “There are a lot of female fronted pop acts out in this day and age, but few showcase lyrical and vocal talent like One Sixth Of Tommy”

One Sixth Of Tommy consist of Jordan, Joanna and Jorja, with an acoustic guitar each. They had a brilliant year in 2011, with the release of this album and festival appearances at the likes of Glastonbury festival. You’re In My Head is the debut album from the girls, and it’s nothing short of stunning, showcasing a talent which deserves to be heard by a much bigger fan base.

The album opens with ‘Care About It’, leading with Jordan’s smokey vocal style, in a similar vein to Suzanne Vegas, but with a youthful innocence (especially shown in the breakdown of this song). The production of the album is also great, with Jordan’s brother Sam laying down the bouncy drum grooves which intertwine well with the acoustic guitars and vocal style.

Current single Everything’s OK follows, and has a brilliant upbeat feel to it and a chorus which will put a smile on everyone’s face, and the first use of continuous group vocals also make this a standout.
‘Butterflies’ is another light acoustic number, which shows Joanna’s individual vocal stylings, an whilst similar to Jordan’s, works very well together.

The album takes a darker tone with Cotton Pockets, and shows a slightly different style of songwriting, leaning more towards emotive music such as Fightstar (in writing style, there’s no distorted guitars present on this record) which is very apparent in the breakdown. I actually think that this is my personal favourite track on the album.

Escape follows with the darker tone still apparent, and lyrics in which a lot of people can relate to. Jordan’s vocals are incredibly intimate on this song, and the simple yet effective guitar arrangement gives the chance for the vocal’s to breath.

Not Listening starts off a lot more up-tempo, and in my opinion, would have been the strongest choice for a single. hand claps in the main guitar riff just makes the song even more enjoyable, I dare you not to clap, and that’s another area where this album excels. You constantly tap your feet whilst listening.

Debut single The Pact follows, and it’s a very stripped back number, but with some beautiful harmonies throughout and heartwarming lyrics from Jordan. My 2nd favourite song on the album , I’m Still Your’s, follows, and takes the darker tone shown in Cotton Pockets, but with uplifting lyrics. The guitar playing is also very impressive on this song.

For Always is another great song and a previous single, and whilst In The Sun sounds like the perfect soundtrack to any summer, It’s Alright, with it’s solo keyboard throughout showcases the beautiful lyrical talents of all 3 members of One Sixth Of Tommy.

This is an incredibly consistent album, and doesn’t really slow up at any point. The production is clean and crisp, the song’s themselves are ridiculously catchy, and on merit of this record, One Sixth of Tommy have a very, very bright future ahead of them. Don’t be surprised if you hear them on Radio 1 sometime soon. – Daryl Gardner



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