Subba Cultcha

If you can listen to You’re In My Head without breaking into a tranquil smile then I think you could probably be pronounced clinically dead. One Sixth of Tommy are an all girl trio brought together by a shared passion for playing the guitar and writing effortless and beautiful folk inspired pop songs. It’s hard to believe that the girls are just 19 when they’re writing such delightfully crafted songs such as opener ‘Care About It’ which is perfect in its upbeat simplicity and gorgeous vocals.

You’re In My Head comprises of 11 songs of acoustic bliss which remains hopeful and positive throughout even though they explore all of lifes emotions, including some of the more painful ones. One Sixth of Tommy manage to capture an unspoiled innocence in their sound which makes their album perfect for those days of relaxation and reflection. The joys and experiences of youth emanate from You’re In My Head right down to album closer ‘It’s Alright’ with it’s contemplative atmosphere. Buy this album, sit back and muse about life. Emma Rochford



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