A Victory for Common Sense

Stackridge - A Victory for Common Sense

“Every song has moments of stirring beauty. Quite Splendid.” Mojo ****

“cockle-warming studio return… time has sculpted some beautiful lines into the Lennon-esque harmonies'” The Times ****

“This album sounds completely of it’s time  – nothing like a nostalgic reunion or 70’s period piece. A huge achievement.” Jonathan Coe.

As the title of the album A Victory For Common Sense attests, the resurrection of the original line up and main songwriters of Stackridge is a cause for celebration for fans, old and new.

Andy Davis (vocals / guitar / keyboards), James Warren (vocals / guitar), ‘Mutter’ Slater (vocals / flute / guitar) and Jim ‘Crun’ Walter (bass / guitar) have lost none of their charm and character, brimful of their legendary “Englishness”.

Here they are as contemporary and fresh as bands half their age with a collection of songs that emphasise their talent for writing memorable melodies and playful, poignant lyrics.

With the superb production of Chris Hughes (Tears For Fears, Adam and The Ants, Robert Plant etc.), innovative arrangements and instrumental exploration that showcase their musicianship, A Victory For Common Sense is not only the most important album that Stackridge have ever made, it is one of the most significant releases of the decade.

Available on Amazon and also iTunes.

Track List

  1. Boots And Shoes
  2. The Old Country
  3. (Waiting For You and) England to Return
  4. Red Squirrel
  5. North St. Grande
  6. Long Dark River
  7. Lost And Found
  8. Cheese And Ham
  9. The Day The World Stopped Turning

Release Date

Release date: 13 July 2009

Catalogue Number



Andy Davis – Guitars, keyboards, vocals
James Warren – Guitars, bass guitar, vocals
‘Mutter’ Slater – Flute, acoustic guitar, vocals
Jim ‘Crun’ Walter – Bass guitar, acoustic guitar
Glenn Tommey – Keyboards, trombone, backing vocals
Rachel Hall – Violin
Sarah Mitchell – Violin, backing vocals
Eddie John – Drums
Andy ‘Codge’ Marsden – Drums
Davide Rossi – String arrangements



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