You’re In My Head

One Sixth Of Tommy - You're In My Head

You’re In My Head is an exciting debut consisting of 11 beautifully crafted pop songs; instantly memorable but with genuine depth, delivered with an effortlessness indicative of friendship, hard work and a shared musical intuition.

With the guidance of Chris Hughes (Tears For Fears, Paul McCartney) and Mark Frith (Tom McRae, Electric Soft Parade) they have created an album that spans emotions and moods, beautifully capturing the ups and downs of life but still ringing out loud with the joy of youth.

1. Care About It
2. Everything’s OK
3. Butterflies
4. Cotton Pockets
5. Escape
6. Not Listening
7. The Pact
8. I’m Still Yours
9. For Always
10. In The Sun
11. It’s Alright

Download lyric booklet here. Right click and ‘Save As’, Mac users crtl click ‘Download Linked File As’

Release date: 29 August 2011


Digital downloads available from iTunes UK/US/EU here. Also available from Amazon.

Jordan Martin: vocals, guitar, piano
Jorja Bates: vocals, guitar, bass guitar
Joanna Grennan: vocals, guitar, piano
Mark Frith: bass, keyboards
Sam Martin: Drums
Chris Hughes: Drums and percussion



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