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CD & DIGITAL 17th June 2013
VINYL 22nd July 2013


On their fourth album, ‘Idiots’, Electric Soft Parade draw inspiration from across the spectrum: a weird and wonderful encyclopaedia of pop, devouring and regurgitating the most disparate of influences yet, as ever, sounding like no other band around.
A little more than a decade on from their ground-breaking ‘Holes In The Wall’ album, the brothers White are reunited with the team that produced their classic debut. This meeting of minds has once again produced a hugely ambitious, kaleidoscope of melodies and songs that promise to put the band firmly back on the map.

Tom and Alex White, the creative core of ESP, are tirelessly innovative musicians from Brighton, intent on breaking musical and public perceptions. ‘Holes In The Wall’ (db records) was released in 2002 to great critical acclaim. The past and future collided with all boxes gloriously ticked. Everyone loved it. The album included two UK top 40 hits and led to appearances on Top Of The Pops and Later With Jools Holland. The accolades rolled in -­‐ Q New Band Award, Mercury Music Prize nomination etc.

The new album, recorded with producers Chris Hughes and Mark Frith in the summer of 2012, is a refreshing, uplifting slice of psychedelic pop. The wonderfully light-­‐hearted ‘Mr. Mitchell’ is a sweet dedication to their friend and guitarist, Andrew Mitchell of the Dundee based group, The Hazey Janes. The first single ‘Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone’ and ‘Welcome To The Weirdness’ showcase the brothers’ trademark harmonies, while the slower-­‐paced ‘The Corner of Highdown and Montefiore ‘ is poignant and achingly beautiful. The album marks another turning point in the band’s career, both personally and professionally.

It’s their most confident, real and accomplished work to date. Electric Soft Parade are back, at the peak of their creative powers and stronger than ever…

1. The Sun Never Sets Around Here
2. Summertime In My Heart
3. Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone
4. The Corner Of Highdown and Montefiore
5. Idiots
6. Mr. Mitchell
7. One Of Those Days
8. Lily
9. Welcome To The Weirdness
10. Never Again



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