You And Other Stories

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“You and Other Stories is a definite listen for anyone who appreciates good music written by a talented lyricist.” Music

“If classic pop songwriting is your thing, Blake has a number of impressive tricks up his sleeve.”

“‘You And Other Stories’ is a fine debut album – you will enjoy these self-penned songs, Liam’s melodic guitar and breathy, velvet-soft vocals.” Folkwords

Liam Blake’s You and Other Stories is a sophisticated take on the more traditional style of love song and Liam’s obvious talent as a lyricist, singer and guitarist is evident throughout this heartfelt debut. Produced by Chris Hughes (Tears For Fears, Paul McCartney) and Mark Frith (Tom McRae, Electric Soft Parade) the album is an imaginative blend of soft acoustic and folk pop. Liam’s classic songwriting is influenced by a legion of musical references that include Joni Mitchell, Cat Stevens, Crosby Stills & Nash and Crowded House.

1. For Your Sake
2. Heart And Soul
3. Feather
4. Coming Or going
5. Rush
6. Tell Me Beth, Do You Recall?
7. Simon
8. Gypsy Fireflies
9. Show Me The Way To The Sun
10. I Felt Alive
11. Sinners And Saints

Release date: 18 July 2011

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Digital downloads available from iTunes UK/US/EU here. Also available from Amazon.


Liam Blake: vocals / acoustic guitar
Mark Frith: bass and electric guitars, keyboards
Sam Martin: drums
Chris Hughes: percussion, drums



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