The Electric Soft Parade Reviews

The 405 – 18th June 2013

7.5/10 To call a psych-pop album “derivative” would be to completely miss the point. However, it is also something that happens all the time. Bands that write in this style, for the most part, are not looking to change a whole lot about it, and while many non-fans are sure to say “They just want […]

Brighton Music Blog – 10th June 2013

The opening song from the new Electric Soft Parade album sneaks in the line “And now it’s back to work / as if I never left”, but while it’s been seven years since No Need To Be Downhearted came out the White brothers never quite got around to leaving. Since then there’s been three Brakes […]

Mud Kiss – June 2013

Almost inconceivably, it’s been six year since the last album appeared by The Electric Soft Parade and much has apparently changed over that period of time for one of Britain’s most underrated of bands. “Idiots” showcases a more stripped back approach to 2007’s “No Need to be Downhearted,” which verged on occasion into almost prog […]

Mail On Sunday – 16th June 2013

**** ‘Now it’s back to work, as if I never left,’ sing the absurdly talented White brothers, acknowledging a six-year quiet spell. The single Brother, You Must Walk Your Path Alone, glides along on a Bacharachian melody; The Corner Of Highdown And Montefiore builds to crashing heights; and Never Again provides an elegant closer. I […]