The Quartet Reviews

The Guardian Live Review – 14th September

Balancing on the tipping point between freedom and order is jazz music’s recurring challenge and The-Quartet (the hyphen is intentional, and faintly irritating) spectacularly rise to it at this gig to launch their sophisticated debut CD, Illuminated. The group’s central partnership is the pairing of guitarist, producer and film score composer Jack Hues and classically […]

Jazz Vortex – October 2007

Assembled intelligently from musical elements ranging from Brahms to Miles Davis (the former’s Intermezzo Op. 116 is at one point combined with the latter’s ‘Great Expectations’ to form ‘Brahms Blues’), and infused with the crackling, visceral energy of the best and subtlest jazz-rock, the music of guitarist/composer Jack Hues’s The-Quartet is at once immediately accessible […]

MOJO Magazine – October 2007

**** Less a jazz album than an imaginative rock album with jazz flavours, Illuminated is an intriguing, moody sonic journey with many highlights. Brainchild of guitarist / composer Jack Hues, there are riffs and guitar FX a-plenty, with musical nods to Miles, Floyd and Zappa. If Hues lacks conventional jazz chops, his ear for dramatic […]

Jazzwise – October 2007

*** Jack Hues (g, perc), Sam Bailey (p, ky, melodica, perc), Rutledge Turnlund (b), Michael Porter (ld) With Paul Booth (s), Charlie Brown (vln) and Chris Hughes (perc). Rec. 2006 This version of The Quartet has already evaporated in that Porter and Turnlund have moved on, while Paul Booth’s tenor, which adds so much colour […]