Jazz Vortex – October 2007

Assembled intelligently from musical elements ranging from Brahms to Miles Davis (the former’s Intermezzo Op. 116 is at one point combined with the latter’s ‘Great Expectations’ to form ‘Brahms Blues’), and infused with the crackling, visceral energy of the best and subtlest jazz-rock, the music of guitarist/composer Jack Hues’s The-Quartet is at once immediately accessible and satisfyingly complex.
Relatively straightforward pieces (‘Waltz for Mel’ features perky interplay between guest saxophonist Paul Booth characteristically ebullient on all four of the tracks featuring him and Hues over Michael Porter’s rustling drums) are tellingly interspersed with more wide-ranging, restless material full of textural nuances (‘Fallujah’ in particular an absorbing, multi-hued piece packed with unexpected felicities), but whatever they’re playing, The-Quartet (completed by keyboard player Sam Bailey and bassist Rutledge Turnlund) address it with passion, grace and fire. Recommended.



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